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An ensemble is a group of musicians, singers, dancers, or actors who perform together. Our ensembles are grouped  by age.  They rehearse once a week for forty five minutes.  At the beginning of the rehearsal, the instructor takes the ensemble through various vocalizes to warm-up.  After warm-up, they rehearse a broad repertoire of music such as jazz, showtunes, country, spirituals, choral, multicultural, etc.  They also learn harmony and choreography, depending on the piece,  as well as the basics of music theory and terminology.   They receive a cd and sheet music or lyrics to take home and practice with. Our ensembles perform in professional shows twice a year. We break during the Summer and during Christmas when school dismisses. Students are encouraged to learn, have fun, participate, and absorb all that ensemble learning has to offer!
Private Lessons:
Private lessons meet bi-weekly. These students also warm- up , and then rehearse their solos. We then go through various exercises to work on breath control and support, tone, change in registration, how low and high notes are approached, and stage presence.  The student also receives a CD and sheet music or lyrics to take home and practice by. Private lessons students choose their area of interest ex. church music, talent shows, college prep., and their repertoire is chosen accordingly.

 Studio on Main
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About Us:
Studio on Main is located in small town Friendship, TN in Crockett County. It was opened in September 2008. In the past ten years, Studio on Main has grown to over 70 students because of parent and student recommendations. We have two professional performances a year in Jackson, TN.

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Our focus during all private lessons and ensemble rehearsals:
-breathing -breath control -singing in tune -low notes and high notes and how they are approached -identifying and controlling change in registration -tone -becoming familiar with music terminology and symbols -warm up and cool down -vocal health and anatomy
-different styles of singing -an educational repertoire -staging