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I started singing before I started talking.  I've always had a passion for music and taken to it naturally.  I started taking piano lessons at a young age, and throughout my childhood, I was involved in auditioned choirs, band, and plays.  I studied vocal/general music education at Union University, where I had a top vocal music scholarship and sang in both of Union's top choirs.  Throughout my life, I've constantly been learning new ways to combat musical and performance challenges.  One aspect that I love about the performing arts is that your work is never done; there's always more to do and more ways to improve.  My biggest hope as a music educator is that my passion for music performance will be contagious to my students and that they will be inspired to never stop pursuing their dreams.

What a wonderful opportunity I've been given to share and nurture one of our most precious gifts in life!  Music has emotional and intellectual power, and I have the joy of helping students express themselves through music.

 -Lauren Castellaw

Katie Keel Hicks, Founder
from 2008-2018

Lauren Castellaw grew up in Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas City.  Throughout her childhood, she played piano and was involved in band, choir, and plays.  She was a member of honor choirs up to the state level, was selected as a soloist in honor choirs, sang in her high school's top choir and two show choirs, received Superior ratings at solo/small ensemble contest as a soloist up to the state level, was selected to play lead roles in school musicals, and received the National Choral Award.

As a young adult, Lauren moved to Jackson, Tennessee, to study vocal/general music education at Union University, where she had a top vocal music scholarship and sang in both of Union's top choirs.  She traveled to Germany with her choirs and sang in cathedrals all over the country.  She was frequently selected to sing solos in both of her choirs and has been invited to sing the National Anthem at several events.  She is now a proud member of West Tennessee Vocal Music Educators Association, which opens the door for her students to participate in Solo/Small Ensemble Contest.  

Lauren has deep family roots in Crockett County, married a Crockett County native, and is the choir director at Crockett County High School.  She relishes in this unique opportunity to expose her CCHS students to a choral setting, while catering to individual and small group vocal and performance needs at the studio. 

Lauren's objective as a music educator is to increase music literacy skills, coach students on healthy vocal production, and above all instill in her students an endless passion for personal expression via music.